Adina Oltean

Hi, I am Adina: a mum, partner, daughter, sister and friend. I’m also the founder of The Consciousness and Guidance Centre in Morden SM4 5HT, UK.

I am just like you. My life was full of so many hard lessons until one day I said “This is enough!”.

2014 was a pivotal year.

The path I decided to take changed my life for good.

My experience

I can sincerely say that there is an

Adina Before 2014,

Adina After 2014

and an

Adina Now !

The Change

Adina before 2014

  • was a single mum, 2500km away from all her family and friends in a foreign country

  • advanced from being a waitress and cleaner to being her own boss as a Confidence Coach (having trained in Personal Development with The Coaching Academy) and Reiki Master, working from home around her son’s needs

  • was struggling to be in a relationship, run a business and be a single mum, all at the same time

  • was content in her belief that this is all she can get from life. It was a convenient situation and a life of struggle that she was comfortable with

  • Even though deep down in her heart she knew that she could do better, she chose to avoid working on the limiting beliefs that kept coming to the surface the more successful she became in her business

In short, Life was happening to her and she willingly accepted it.

2014 came as an avalanche. In one day all her life went upside down.

  • Life decided to give her one more lesson in the form of post-natal depression, 10 years after having her baby boy

  • This is when she felt trapped in such a depressed, self-destructive mind that every day was a continuous fight for staying alive

  • The mornings were full of prayers to be alive in the evening

  • The evenings were full of prayers to be alive in the morning

It went on like this for months until Adina decided that Enough is enough. Life was not happening to her anymore. She decided that life happens For her.

The first step was seeking help and getting into personal therapy. This is when Adina After started paying attention if her feelings, thoughts, desires, dreams are aligned with her values.

Adina after 2014

In 5 short years:

  • she qualified as a Therapeutic Counsellor

  • changed jobs from being a waitress and cleaner to being a Construction site manager and opening an online coaching business

  • She gave her well-paid corporate job to open her own private therapeutic centre whilst continuing scaling her online coaching business

  • She certified in Ho’oponopono, a technique that she has applied daily while she was heavily depressed and suicidal to clean the eronate data and memories that her brain contained at the time

However, those limiting beliefs that kept surfacing in the past, took shape and form the more successful she became

She identified 2 main fears:

  1. Success in life leads to illness/death

  2. You can either be happy in your relationship or successful in business. You cannot have them both

Adina now

  • She knows that those fears are irrational thoughts worth no energy and time from her

  • She is on a mission to help 100000 coaches and therapists earn money from their own online businesses through creating and launching signature programs by 2030

  • The Consciousness and Guidance Centre is on a mission to help 1 million people overcome depression and live a fulfilling life both in relationships and business

  • She was invited to speak on tens of stages both in the UK and internationally

  • She is the co-author of the book Pay it Forward, Notes to My Younger Self, which is launching in March 2020. Her own book will be published in the autumn of 2020, too

  • She was invited to speak about the success she has built in the UK by her home county’s local television

  • She has started 2 projects close to her heart which serve both the English speakers and Romanian speakers called The Legacy Creation Series and Seria Zestre Pentru Viata. The projects are focused on inviting people from all walks of life to speak about what legacy means to them and about the legacy they are leaving behind for generations to come

You have the same power to change your life no matter where you are at the moment.

It only takes one decision: To ask for and accept help!

What clients say

“I had qualified as a Personal Development Coach over 18 months previously, and whilst I had been steadily moving along creating my website and building my knowledge, I felt like I had some blockages preventing me from really excelling myself forward. I came across a post on a coaching forum by Adina and she instantly inspired me so I got in touch. I became part of Adina’s Signature Creation Programme and I found it enthralling from start to end. Adina has such a beautiful way of making you feel at ease, I felt I could really open up to her and in doing so I learnt so much about myself.

The course directed me to think about what exactly I wanted, who my ideal client was, identifying and eliminating limiting beliefs that had been holding me back such as my relationship with money, plus the knowledge to launch my own packages and programmes in the future. This was so much more than coaching…. working through modules, live social media workshops, tools, reiki, all combined to make a truly wonderful programme.

I now feel I’m on the right road to success, since this programme I have updated my social media focussing on my ideal client, joined several network groups and increased my client base. I feel like I now have direction and know exactly what I need to build further on my coaching career. I am so grateful for the opportunity to work with Adina.”

Bianca Brinkley – Confidence Coach for Women

“I worked with Adina for several sessions (2019) The original plan was to work through Adina’s modules however, upon starting our sessions it became evident that it was bringing up other things for me. Adina worked with me each work and each week I would detour away from the modules but still Adina stayed with me while I was working through my things. I was given time to reflect, and was helped to see a different perceptive moving me forward on my personal journey. I felt understood and listened too. With Adina’s support I was able to understand myself better and refocus on my goals. I would highly recommend Adina.”

Natalie M – PCT Counsellor

“Adina helped me realise what I really wanted, it helped me to be more ambitious about what I could do, understand how to do it and then actually go and do it!”

“Adina was great, she was very easy to talk to about a wide range of subjects and asked some very pertinent and thought provoking questions but always in a personable and supportive manner.”


“Adina’s course got me thinking so deeply about my ideal client. Although I am struggling with determining this, I feel this module has motivated me on a new level.”

“Adina is very consistent in delivering her trainings. Especially after listening to the masterclass I am understanding a new way to attract clients which completely makes sense.”

“I loved this module (Aligned Ideal Client), it raised my motivation to think about what I could offer.”

“I learned so much about preparing my story using the language of my ideal clients and creating the backstory for objections.”

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