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Clear your DISAPPOINTMENT through Conscious Release Therapy

Become a better, more capable version of yourself without getting bogged down in the past!

You know what disappointment feels like. Disappointment in others, your situation – and disappointment in yourself. That deep feeling of letdown.

And it’s not a feeling that’s always easy to identify and deal with – because it so often relates to past situations, trauma, and strong emotions you can’t seem to shake.

What if I told you it’s possible to release the disappointment you feel in a healthy manner – without spending hours reliving your past? And that you can help yourself or your clients do this same exercise over and over again? Yes, every time disappointment shows itself, you can free yourself.

Introducing: Conscious Release Therapy

Conscious Release Therapy is my signature framework that builds on my success as a psychotherapist, therapeutic counsellor, energy worker, and coach. I know that talking therapy helps many people – but for some of us it doesn’t move the needle, or stop us from forming an often codependent relationship with our counsellor or client. Conscious Release Therapy pulls from all the techniques I’ve learned to help clients and it leads to my clients becoming more independent and able to deal with life without me.

The key is that it helps you stay in the present as you look back at your past and towards your future. It’s a conscious awakening where you set your emotions, thoughts, and perceptions free.

In this FREE GUIDE you’re shown:

  • How the 6 Step Methodology of Conscious Release Therapy works to clear you from disappointment.

  • Taster exercises to work through to clear your disappointment – or the disappointment of a client.

  • A guided meditation of conscious grounding to complement the exercises, allowing you to release your disappointment through energy work.

  • How to move forward after disappointment by setting goals that make you more in tune with your new energetic platform.

“I’m glad Adina that I met you, and I really feel a change since participating in this program. At one point you said that it is very important to take small steps daily rather than giant leaps at a certain time.” – PAST CLIENT

“When I gave myself permission to be authentic, an arts course materialised that I passed easily. The feedback I received after the course fills my soul with joy. I don’t think there is greater joy than when you receive what you project and need.” – PAST CLIENT

Are you ready to let go of disappointment and become more positive and hopeful?

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